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Baiya is an online store that delivers dry fruits and other services to customers all over the world. Now, all it takes is a click or a phone call to help you get more goods to your door. It is a fully responsive theme that works with any device, including computers, tablets, and smartphones, for shopping. Our aim was to create an easy-to-use mobile app that allowed customers to connect transparently in the marketplace. We moved purchases into a straightforward display that enables direct contact to address this issue.

A number of additional features are included in the app to help customers have a simple experience buying groceries. Several payment options, including cash and credit cards, a return policy, and many more are among these features.

Challenges We Faced

Baiya had a very specific goal in mind one that required a very simple and rapid app for the delivery of food products. Our aim was to create an intuitive mobile app that would allow customers to quickly find the organic products they require.

Managing Payment Gateways and Costs

We had many difficulties as we were creating this application. We have to continuously update the farmers' prices and inventory levels. For order collection and confirmation, integrated payment gateways and merchant accounts are used.

Micro Fulfilment Centres

Having 24-hour product availability is difficult because MFCs are made primarily to fulfill grocery-related online orders. Additionally, the marketplace admin must keep personal inventory to reduce the likelihood of lost leads and incorrect order fulfillment.

Changing Consumer Behaviour

As consumer expectations rise, the market is continuously changing. In such a competitive market, a marketing strategy is necessary for success. Important marketing components should be pre-installed in the grocery ordering and delivery software to assist the strategy.

Reverse Logistics Management

Making the reverse logistics process profitable is a problem from an operational standpoint, regardless of the causes. Features like refund management, order cancellation, and others are used by supermarket ordering and delivery software to facilitate reverse logistics.


Baiya App Solutions

We thoroughly understood each difficulty before developing the ideal answer that will solve every one of them. Additionally, our system is feature-packed, giving customers a great experience.


Cost of providing resources

Effective inventory management can lower costs. In managing delivery service activities, such as ensuring delivery and customer feedback, the correct kind of delivery partner may also be very helpful and will result in satisfied consumers.

Profits are being overtaken by low-cost margins

A few things can be done, such as offering packaged food, personal hygiene supplies, and other non-perishable items to save money while also building positive relationships with clients. Costs can be cut by combining offline and online activities.

Lack of delivery to small towns

Quality, timing, cost, and the products themselves are all major factors in the delivery process. Establishing connections with some high-caliber individuals would help delivery service providers boost their deliveries in remote areas as well.

Customer habits and behavior

Knowing that clients are interested in affordable, fresh items from organic farms, they can continue to make frequent online purchases. They may return to the internet store as a result time and time again.

Baiya App Key Features & Benefits

We determined the defining features that must be included in a flawless app in order to satisfy both user expectations for a high-quality app and the end users' pain points.

Manage Farmers

The primary meal delivery services use it to give the best possible customer service. All of the farmers may be easily managed by the admin. The admin panel allows them to add, and delete farmers.

Search Filters

Customers will value having the option to search for the restaurants they want and the convenience and time savings that a sophisticated search feature with many parameters may offer.

Categories and Sub-categories

Based on the chosen category, the user can view the organic product listing. Restaurant owners can use this function to search products according to their categories and subcategories.

Social Media Integration

You may get a lot of organic publicity by allowing your users to post pictures and reviews of dishes they've enjoyed on social media and in the app.

Reward/Discount Programs

The best approaches to getting more people to use your food delivery app are coupons and special deals. In order to maintain customer attention, you need to constantly provide large discounts.

Food Delivery GPS Tracking in Real-Time

One of the key functions of food delivery apps is the ability for customers to track the position of their meals using real-time GPS. GPS is designed to enable two-way tracking and operation.


Numerous businesses and customers were quite pleased with this service because it improved their grocery shopping experience. Many farmers and agents responded well to it as well.

Simple Payment Methods

Payments are an essential aspect of any business. You can use any available payment gateways or mobile wallet services, including iOS Paypal accounts, Google Wallet, and Apple Pay.

Focus On Product

Baiya is an online initiative that offers our loyal customers and society a platform to order and access services whenever it's convenient for them. We deliver the whole selection of dry fruits you require right to your door.


Baiya used a high-fidelity wireframe to set out the structure and architecture of the product for food delivery services for organic dry fruit products.

UI Designing

We put a lot of work into the UI design to make the wireframes shine and make the product lively with collaborative client feedback.

Technology Stack

To build a strong grocery delivery app for your company, our skilled grocery app developers use a cutting-edge technology stack and potent third-party integrations.


Backend Development

React Native

Mobile Development


Cloud Web Service


UI/UX Design

Visual Design

After exploiting our research and practical approaches we crafted the final design of the Baiya app that enhances the user experience on so many levels.

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