AboutBeauty Care and Salon Booking App

It enables clients to verify availability and book their solution as needed. They can also get a live interview and immediate assistance.

As a result, through our beauty and salon the board programming, we aid proprietors of beauty salons, hair salons, spa focuses, excellence item stores, and others in the speciality business to sort out various elements of their firm.

Identifying and overcoming client challenges

Appointments can be booked or cancelled through this app. The application can be divided into three different categories based on the role of the user - the salon owner, the salon employee, and the customer.

  1. 1. Salon App for Users

    Create a salon appointment booking mobile app that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and allows users to see nearby personal health centres and beauty salons and make appointments in a matter of seconds.

  2. 2. An employee app for the salon

    Create a smartphone app for online salon appointment management in which salon experts/employees may schedule their appointments and respond to User booking requests. Furthermore, Salon experts/employees can create appointments for app users.

  3. 3. An app designed for salon owners

    The salon owner app should also include a feature that allows employees to provide details about their work, in addition to the requirements for the salon expert/employee app.

Solutions We Provide

Glam Beauty Salon App is a special app built and developed for beauty-conscious people who want to find their favourite beauty salons, schedule appointments, learn about new salon offers, and find the nearest salons.

  1. 1. App for Salon Users

    An app that allows users to create a profile, search and filter for nearby salons, book appointments online, reschedule or cancel appointments, set reminders for confirmed appointments, rate and review salon owners and employees, enter promo codes to get discounted prices, and many other useful features. A fantastic app for a customer with end-to-end services for arranging an appointment at a Salon based on their availability.

  2. 2. Employee App for Salons

    An app that allows salon staff to create their professional profile, plan appointments and answer to booking requests, create special promotions by generating promo-codes, receive ratings and reviews from users, access the app in English, and contact salon employees via the app.

  3. 3. App for Salon Owners

    Aside from the functions of a Salon expert/employee, which are also available with the salon owner app, there are some additional capabilities where the salon owner may get thorough reports on the work and performance of the salon staff.

On-Demand Salon Booking App Features

Let's have a peek at some of the amazing features of our expandable Salon App.

Easy Onboarding

Easily register and log in with your email address, social media handles, or phone number.

Explore Services

Search for salons by specialty, services, proximity, and other factors.

Profile of a Salon Professional

Examine the details of the salon pros to learn about their services and expertise.

Appointment scheduling

To save appointments, select the desired time and date in the calendar.


The various updates are sent through SMS, email, or in-app notification.

Booking History

View all prior and upcoming doctor appointments.


Automatic reminders to remind consumers of their scheduled appointments.

Check for availability.

To schedule appointments, check the availability of the salon's professionals.


For the Android & iOS apps, we developed a technology stack that ensured smooth, uninterrupted operations without the need for additional software.


Mobile Development


Mobile Development


Backend Development


Database Management

Visual Design

Beauty Salon App is an application that helps users find their favorite beauty salons, book appointments, look up upcoming offers, and discover the salons closest to them. Appointments can be arranged and cancelled through this app. Each user role has its own application - a customer app, a salon owner app, and an employee app.

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