AboutWhat is a Fantasy Fanalyze Sports App?

Fantasy sports apps are software programs used to play online games. As a player in a fantasy game, you can create a team based on the players participating in the game. The team in which the player is playing earns points by monitoring the real-time performance of that player. Final score determines who wins.

We at CMExpertise, as a leading mobile app development company, understand the complex and intricate nature of designing and implementing a games/sports application. This enables you to achieve all your business goals almost effortlessly.

Our company develops fantasy sports games

A large number of sports are available for fantasy sports app development. Our fantasy sports app provides you with the most efficient and dynamic experience for any sport you choose. We have developed the following fantasy sports apps.

The Ultimate Fantasy Football App

Offering our users the most thrilling Fantasy Football game experience, we provide out-of-the-league Fantasy Football app development services.

Fantasy Basketball App for NBA

In order to develop trending and intuitive Fantasy Basketball solutions, CMExpertise has a team of Fantasy Basketball App Developers.

Application for Fantasy Rugby

We offer a wide range of services related to the development of Rugby Fantasy applications for customers who are seeking to attract customers on a global scale.


Development of sports applications by our company

During the past year, there have been significant changes in the professional sports industry. These mobile apps provide everything that you could imagine, from score updates on mobile devices to live streamed games.


Solutions for the fantasy sports industry

As a result of our technical expertise, we develop interactive and feature-rich sports solutions that generate a high return on investment for your company.

Website for the sports industry

As sports enthusiasts follow their favorite team and game to the letter, they are always looking for live scores and updates in real-time. Websites dedicated to sports provide them with this type of information.

The Management of Sports Leagues

The apps we create are designed to provide users with a detailed view of team members, leagues, news articles, scorecards and team rankings in precise detail. This is because they cover all aspects in depth.

Analytical Solutions for Data

It is the goal of CMExpertise to advance the use of sports data by the media, professional teams, governing bodies, and the industry in general. In terms of sports data, we cover the following topics most effectively: player statistics, media contracts, ticket and merchandise sales, and license agreements.

Fanalyze Features

The following is a list of some of the basic and advanced features of sports apps. In this manner, you will be able to choose the most relevant ones for your sports application. Feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss the USP features.

News and updates

Receive the latest player news, stats, and projections in real time.

Graphs and statistics for the week

With the help of graphs, you can view statistics in greater detail.

Betting odds and schedule

Find out what the over/under and spread are for the next opponent.

Comparison of players

To assist you in your analysis, you should search for two or more players.

Feeds from Twitter

Follow the tweets related to players to stay up to date with the latest news.

Information customized to your needs

By hiding and ordering data, you can customize what you see.

Focus on Product

Specialized in Sports and Gaming web development, we provide customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of businesses in these fields. Our experienced developers will work with you every step of the way, from concept to completion. This is regardless of whether you require an entirely customized website or just a few tweaks to your existing one.

Website design services for sports and gaming

Providing web design services for sports teams, athletes, gamers, and fans facilitates the creation of visually appealing web pages.

Analytics services for the sports and gaming industries

Analyzing data from past games or matches can be used to analyze the performance of players or teams.

Make your sports app more innovative by integrating the latest technologies

A growing number of innovations are being made within the new age sports industry for the increased benefit of the industry as a whole. In order to craft a next-gen kick-ass sports app that meets the needs of your business, our sports app developers can harness the power of advanced technologies.


Mobile Development


Mobile Development


Backend Development


Database Management

Visual Design

To maintain the thrill of the game, the overall visual design focuses on engagement and the competitive spirit.

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