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Get GPS distances, keep score, monitor your handicap, monitor group games and bets, view drive distances, and more – all the tools you need to perform at your peak on the course. Connect your rounds to compete and score. Even if you're not playing together, live scoring allows you to stay connected and compete. Add your friends to see how they rank. Allow Gogolf GPS to do the legwork for you by automatically tracking the outcomes of games you play with pals.

CMExpertise Team created this engaging golf community using cutting-edge technologies. We sought to set the standard for the app's iOS version by creating a fluid UX and mastering an excellent UI for the Android platform.

What was the challenge

In order to build an interactive golf scorecard that would be used only on golf courses, the challenge was to design a UI/UX strategy that would keep users in mind, such as making the app easy to use with one hand.

  1. Multiple Players

    Play Golf can be played by multiple players simultaneously. This was a challenging task for us to manage and record all players' scores against each hole.

  2. Large Collection of Courses

    The management of a large collection of courses across the U.S., as well as par and handicap.

  3. Leadership board in real time

    Responsible for keeping track of the live leaderboards and user rankings for all tournaments offered by Golf Events.

Gogolf GPS Solutions

The groundbreaking Smart technology is featured in the newest iteration of Gogolf GPS. Simply take a few swings, and Gogolf GPS will quickly analyse your swing and provide you training regimens personalised to your swing. Simply clip the sensor to your cap and let Gogolf GPS assist you in becoming the golfer you want to be.

  1. Design

    To improve the application's UX/UI. We designed an interface that will allow consumers to effortlessly connect their sensors and enjoy the training. Golfers frequently play in direct sunlight, so our team designed an interface that would be easy to see in any setting.

  2. Reliability

    To establish a secure connection between sensors and the application. We made certain that the link between the app sensors worked properly in all circumstances, especially when the internet connection was bad.

  3. Features

    To reconsider features We standardised and consolidated user flows, deleting unneeded features and expanding existing ones with user-requested enhancements.

Discover what the Gogolf GPS Mobile App has to offer in terms of features and functionality

Course-Specific GPS

Find out the exact distance to each green and hazard.

Statistics & Scorecard

Your scorecard provides insights that will assist you in improving your performance.


Ensure that you are monitoring your handicap and calculating it into your net score.

Elevation & Wind Speed

Get accurate yardage and club selection with live wind speed and elevation data.

Recs & Shot Tracking

Get on-course recommendations for clubs based on your shots.

Advice & Lessons

A library of 600+ videos by top-100 instructors is available on-demand.

Analyses of strokes

You will receive instructions tailored to your game and a handicap for each part.

Readers' Maps in Green

Three-putts will be a thing of the past with our green reading maps powered by Gogolf GPS.

Technology Stack

Using a technology stack for our Android app & iOS app, we were able to ensure that there was no additional software required for smooth, uninterrupted operation.


Mobile Development


Mobile Development


Backend Development


Database Management

Visual Design

On the same tournament day at your favorite course, Gogolf GPS lets you compete against your friends nationwide! Using the Gogolf GPS mobile app, you can view your net score and season ranking.

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CMExpertise is driven by a passion to create and deliver new ideas and that is reflected in their work. It is a team that strives for excellence and is open to experimenting and creating new trends in the business. Our work relationship has been productive and we have collectively been able to achieve great results. I wish Team CMExpertise more triumphs in the future.

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