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Handmade products have heritage significance in addition to being beautiful. The maker's individual craft and skill shape each meter. Handmade is about environmentally responsible apparel, zero waste, clever contemporary design, good finish, fit, and style. We consider handcrafted textiles to be living works of art created with passion. We are committed to producing products that benefit the creator, the environment, and the weavers themselves, in addition to improving their lives. We incorporate the idea of ethical fashion into everything we produce.

We work hard to provide you with the best ethically made, handcrafted clothes possible that are appealing to everyone. Check out the handcrafted clothing that our partners, who collaborate with various handloom craftsmen, have given to you.

Challenges We Have Faced

We needed to bring attention to fashion enthusiasts and meet their needs, creating a whole new experience for fashionistas by combining the best e-commerce design and development techniques with a fail-safe marketing approach.

Outshining The Vast Competition

Customers can notice a significant difference when certain characteristics vary, such as costs, service, supply chain operations, and more. One of the most difficult eCommerce issues is building and keeping a customer base.

Delivering multichannel customer experience

Customers demand being able to contact your brand via a variety of touchpoints, including your website, phone, email, social media, physical location, and more. These touchpoints must all be integrated.

Maintaining customer loyalty

Lack of customer loyalty and trust will cause your business to struggle. But it takes a lot of work to attract and keep customers. Only with time and effort will this eCommerce problem be resolved.

Store agility's Associated Challenges

You should choose an agile company model because the world of eCommerce is always changing. It's difficult to overcome, but this is one of the more significant eCommerce challenges you will encounter.


Solutions We Provide

Due to the growing popularity and size of online enterprises, it is difficult to ride the digital commerce wave. E-commerce enterprises encounter challenges and obstacles in every aspect. The eCommerce solutions we offer are listed below.


Increased Customer Expectations

Modern web design trends must be carefully understood. You may better comprehend the changes you need to make and better assist your organization in adapting by thoroughly analyzing current trends.

Product Returns & Refunds

For customers who are unhappy with their purchases, we have offered a variety of shipping, payment, and refund options in addition to some perks like coupons and discounts.

Improving Customer's Digital Experiences

To give online customers the most remarkable digital experience possible across all channels and outlets, including PCs, tablets, smartphones, and social media platforms, we use an omnichannel strategy.

Error Prevention

When we put our solutions into practice, we didn't skip a beat. To predict user behavior and avoid unfavorable outcomes, we developed a variety of scenarios for each stage of the funnel.

Features And Functionalities Of Handmade E-Commerce Website

A lot of people didn't expect so many people to rush to eCommerce sites to buy clothes, accessories, and other fashion items without even trying them on or seeing the product! Here are the traffic-driven features of Handmade.

Simple Sign-Up Process

One benefit of hiring a web development company to develop your e-commerce website is that they will know when to decide to include the account creation and login functionality.

User Dashboard

The site administrator may track several critical performance metrics from a simple admin dashboard thanks to our user dashboard integration. The website administrator has the option to get weekly or monthly reports.

Shopping Cart

The shopping cart function appeals to those who are used to shopping online. Customers can choose various items and add them to their shopping carts to pay later.

UI Product Display

A simple design is best for converting visitors into purchasing customers because visitors can rapidly learn how to navigate the site and use other website features on their own.

Payment Gateway

Customers using the website come from a variety of languages and geographical origins. It was developed with several payment gateways that these users will find quite helpful in making payments.

Add To Favorites

The Wishlist feature on our website improved the shopping experience for customers by enabling them to build unique collections of their preferred products and store them for later use or purchase.

Focus On Product

Handmade offers one of the most connected shopping experiences in the world and is more than simply a place to shop. By 2023, online fashion sales will represent 36% of all fashion, according to sources, but there is still an opportunity for expansion.


Wire-framing takes up 40% of the entire time allotted to us. To give Handmade's customers an outstanding experience, every menu option, website layout, and flow have been thoroughly researched.

UI Designing

As a dedicated team, we put a lot of work into UI design and work with our clients to create appealing UI layouts that highlight user-friendly platform/web/app flows.

Technology Stack

To ensure that we give the best, we make use of the most recent fashion website development technologies and procedures. Check out the technology we use:


Backend Development

React Native

Mobile Development


Cloud Web Service


UI/UX Design

Visual Design

Anyone who appreciates art will find the Handmade website to be a visual beauty. All of this is made possible through the teamwork of our staff.

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