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Silwana Real Estate is an experienced app development company that provides unique solutions for your real estate company's needs. We create specialized solutions for real estate brokers, developers, and rental companies that assist them in enhancing customer satisfaction and business efficiency.

We have a client-first approach, which enables us to create tech applications that are highly scalable and focused on achieving your business goals. Our team of professionals at Silwana Infotech can help you create highly functioning software solutions that were created using the most recent techniques in technology. We have expertise in developing dependable real estate software solutions that let you easily manage everyday activities and improve client interactions. Our programmers can provide you with customized and affordable software and apps developed per your unique business requirements.

Challenges of Real Estate App Development

There are lots of challenges with mobile app development integration in the real estate sector. With practical solutions, our developers do their best to minimize the effects of these difficulties.


Privacy Concerns

Real estate firms handle sensitive data, such as secret tenant, vendor, and employee information. Companies must protect information while also preventing unauthorized access to tenant and vendor systems.

App Development Budget

One of the significant challenges real estate companies encounter while upgrading is money. Real estate companies must invest a sizable sum in app development, whether it is for iOS or Android.

Reach to Target Audience

Before developing an app, every real estate company needs to determine who its target market is. Real estate marketing executives are being forced by this trend to rethink their app marketing plans.

Workflow and data integration

The biggest obstacle to development is getting your employees to use new technology. Before using new technology, make sure it resolves a problem for your team or your clients, and then consider your options.

Real Estate App Development Solutions We Provide

Any mobile app-related real estate business development demands an in-depth understanding of all options to include the most features and functionalities to produce an app that is customer-centric, goal-oriented, and business-oriented.

Property Management

These solutions are made to give property managers the tools they need to monitor, maintain, and handle the regular business of their properties while striking the perfect balance.

Assistance For Real Estate Agents

Assistance for real estate agents helps greatly decreases your workload by handling client communications, document management, and the listing process simplification.

Make property searches simple

Get prompt email notifications with contact information whenever a prospective tenant or buyer clicks on a property and requests a call. You can plan a callback with the owner and finish the sale.

Attract potential buyers and tenants

Upload property details with photographs to ensure they are seen by the right people. This app walks you through each phase, from the overall project to the particulars of the property.

Silwana Real Estate Key Features

When developing a real estate mobile app, we fully understand the client's operations and recommend the features that will have the most impact on the app's usability. Here are some essential features that any real estate app should have.

User Profiles (User, Sellers & Agents)

In order to engage in various activities inside the app, users should be able to create their own profiles within it. For various user groups, there have to be various profiles.

Navigation and Street View

The built-in navigation feature makes it easier for customers to reach the property location. Stakeholders can preview the neighborhood without traveling there using a Google Maps API.

Save Search and Favorite Listings

To keep users, allow them to generate and save a list of properties and searches. Agents might recommend options that are similar to what their clients are interested in by observing their preferences.

Property Cost Calculators

Price calculators are an excellent addition to any real estate mobile app. To give users a sense of the overall cost of the property, you can ask developers to include a bespoke cost estimation function.

Virtual Tour of Property

AR/VR technology powers the virtual tour software for real estate. A virtual tour or 3D walkthrough is an excellent approach to giving buyers a real-time sense of the home they wish to buy.

Feedback System

Buyers of homes may develop loyalty as a result of ratings. An app becomes more trustworthy and open if users can rate neighborhoods, and landlords may receive feedback from previous renters.

Technology Stack

You need a strong backend if you want to create your own real estate app. We used industry best practices and our knowledge in developing real estate mobile applications.

Visual Design

We created the final design of the Silwana real estate app, which improves the user experience on numerous levels by utilizing our research and practical methods.

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Lisa Brown


I thank the entire CMExpertise team for enabling us to launch Mobile Apps and Portal on time for our key event. This could not have been possible without their relentless dedication and enthusiasm. Wish you the best of luck to Minesh and the team.


Baron Littleton

CEO, Bceive Inc

Thanks to the CMExpertise team for their hard work and dedication to making this happen. This launch of the website on our enterprise platform represents a big step toward our digital presence.


Robert Sutcliffe


CMExpertise is driven by a passion to create and deliver new ideas and that is reflected in their work. It is a team that strives for excellence and is open to experimenting and creating new trends in the business. Our work relationship has been productive and we have collectively been able to achieve great results. I wish Team CMExpertise more triumphs in the future.

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