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There are a number of people who see cooking as a passion that allows them to transform an ordinary meal into a tempting and mesmerizing one. One of the things Covid-19 brought people together was cooking during the initial lockdown phase, which is why a plethora of food pictures were shared for the first two months by people who loved spending time exploring their culinary skills during the lockdown.

These apps are becoming increasingly popular among people searching for recipes because cookbooks are long obsolete. Everything has turned digital, and people like the idea of getting all kinds of cuisines and varieties in one place. The number of people searching for food recipes and cooking apps is more than 23 million across the USA, Canada, India, and Australia.

Mobile application development for cooking-food recipes

The market has a wide and diverse audience of people of different ages who want to try new things and they want to keep their eating habits healthy as they have food restrictions like diabetes, gluten and allergies, or medical conditions like cancer.

  1. 1. Wireframes

    Our team starts with a detailed requirement gathering of the projects. It is a great advantage to our team because it allows them to define the scope of the projects.

  2. 2. Options of all kinds

    In the app, there was one thing that was very simple and very sophisticated. It was the various options that people could choose from.

  3. 3. Dishes Descriptions

    The user interface was extremely friendly and easy to use, but what made this different was it had a very friendly and easy to use interface. We designed the screens to be minimalist, with separate sections for ingredients, instructions, and comments.

  4. 4. Search with intelligence

    We added a search feature to the app that makes it unique. Recipes could be modified by adding various ingredients, filtering the cooking duration, selecting categories, and choosing the level of difficulty. Using the inputs from the user, the app will perform an intelligent search and generate a unique combination.

Apps for cooking recipes of different types

It seems like a cooking app would be an excellent investment for business owners or entrepreneurs, since food is a basic need for all people. It is helpful to know that certain features, especially the basic ones, must be met in order for an app to be created.

  1. Collection of DIY recipes

    In addition to presenting the users with a variety of recipes, this kind of application also enables them to save their favorite recipes by simply tapping the screen of the mobile device.

  2. An application that connects people through cooking

    Users can upload images of their delicious cooking dishes to this app and share their favorite recipes. Social media enthusiasts will find this app more useful.

  3. Cookbook with built-in recipes

    There are a variety of cooking recipes included in this kind of application.

  4. An app that calculates the cost of recipes

    In order to prevent wastage of ingredients, this app calculates the cost of the recipe.

Cooking Recipe Apps: Features and Benefits

Cooking is one of the most popular pastimes and careers today. Creating a seductive and fascinating meal is the act of cooking, which is a passionate job. Taking up cooking as a hobby is popular with many people.

Homemade Recipes

In Shreeji Food, you can find world-class recipe items with easy to understand explanations in video and description

Using the Recipe Search

Many parameters can be used to filter recipes, such as categories ( Indian, Punjabi, Gujarati, Mexican etc).Filtering titles, recipes, categories, and ingredients allows users to search for recipes of different types.

Step-by-Step Cooking Videos

A video tutorial is available for each recipe in this feature. Using video tutorials while cooking can be extremely useful since they provide step-by-step instructions.

Alert & Notifications

In addition to allowing users to receive notifications, this feature encourages users to interact with the app by providing updates on recipes.

Technology Stacks


Mobile Development


Mobile Development


Backend Development


Database Management

Visual Design

As a whole, the Shreeji App was designed to mimic the look and feel of a recipe book, but with endless customization and possibilities. Users with a passion for cooking and creating original ideas will find the UX fundamentals along with the UI an exceptional culinary experience

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